Bridging a broad horizon.

ECT’s ECOPOD™ technology places powerful water treatment production on-site.

Unprecedented Mobility

On-site or stationary, the option is yours. ECOS™ technology can be where it’s needed, and the appropriate scale.

Making gold water from waste water.

ECT’s ECOPOD System 1’s novel approach to electrocoagulation yields amazing results at new pricing levels.

Algae Bloom Busters

We can effectively treat at source of cause, and at sites of effect.

Storm Runoff

Turning a pollution headache into valuable resource.

We're doing this now.

Potable from oil-produced water without chemicals.

DOTECT is a global green technology company focusing on energy, the environment and economic benefit for our clients, shareholders and the community at large.

We embrace the philosophy of natural capitalism in which business and environmental interests increasingly overlap, and in which businesses can better satisfy their customers’ needs, increase profits, and help solve environmental problems at the same time. We see great opportunity In practicing responsible capitalism, where our development partners, clients, and the environment, all “win”.


Our technology spans water remediation and cleanup for the oil & gas, mining and geo-thermal industries; harvesting technologies for algae toxin removal; and storm run-off waste water and environmental design & engineering.

ECT employs Environmentally Conscious Technologies and also certifies those technologies through our .ECT compliance program.

Produced Oil Wastewater Treatment

ECOPOD Powered by OriginClear technology is demonstrating that it can effectively recover and remove hydrocarbons from oil-field produced water, oily barge ballast water, drill fluids, gas or oil pipeline entrained water and refinery process water.

Environmentally Friendly

The chemical-free approach of ECOPOD Powered by OriginClear technology opens an unprecedented opportunity to turn traditionally competitive water resource consumers (gas/oil, and agriculture), into cooperatives.

Fresh Water Aquaculture

The supreme flexibility of ECOPOD Powered by OriginClear technology allows for use in aquaculture applications by dynamically destroying and remediating organic produced wastes, thus ridding pond environments of biological contaminants.

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“In working to establish ECT, my vision was to create an integrated company with technologies that benefited the environment, created opportunity for our shareholders and our employees and served the greater good. In the broader sense, I wanted to be able to educate people and make this technology available for the market quickly and efficiently. And of course, create a business of scale.” Michael Green
Michael Green

Michael Green

Chief Technology Officer