ECOPOD gives real meaning to the often mis-understood and over-used term, “paradigm” shift”.

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Oil and Gas

ECOS™ adds new value to oil-produced water, which is normally set aside and allowed to evaporate.


ECOPOD™ mobile technology offers on the spot water remediation that is critical to crop value.

Municipal Water Treatment

The fully scalable ECOS approach can be adapted to municipal waste water treatment.

Disaster Remediation

The chemical-free core of ECOPOD technology makes it a perfect mobile chemical remediation platform for disaster sites.

Our Story

Waste water technologies used over the last couple of decades have significant shortcomings towards meeting new stringent environmental standards. Various new configurations for wastewater contaminate separation including petroleum have been developed, however most are costly, require high maintenance, have limited abilities or not transportable for remote site operation.

  • Oil and Gas 80%
  • Agriculture 77%
  • Municipal Water Treatment 50%
  • Commercial / Industrial 66%
Talbott G. Howard

Talbott G. Howard


Talbott G. Howard, CEO, Founder & Chairman

Since exploring the Alternative Energy as investor, project leader, developer, and integrator. Howard is compelled to be part of its tradition through senior research engineers and scientist looking for a way to market. What Howard has researched and studied, most consider an asset for anyone looking into energy programs, particularly the market platforms that create the pathways. Howard’s time “in the field” has given him much insight with a commitment to learning more about what technology really exist and could exist if the barriers for entry into the market were opened.

Michael Green

Michael Green

Chief Technology Officer

Inventor ECoS, Michael holds 30 U.S. and International Patents. He holds a BS in Design Engineering, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. He served in the U.S. Army, MOS, 16 C / Nuclear and holds Security Clearance. He is married, lives in Pacheco California and has two children and two grandchildren.

Nick Eckelberry

Nick Eckelberry

Senior Consultant

Mr. Eckelberry is Co-founder and Chief Inventor of OriginClear. He is responsible for inventing OriginClear’s proprietary Electro Water Separation (EWS) technology, the high-speed, chemical free process to dissociate organic contaminants and valuable materials from large quantities of water.

Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis

VP Sales

Mr. Davis has been nationally recognized for his sales achievements nine different times throughout seven different industries. He has been instrumental in introducing new water conservation technologies to the marketplace. He has also played key roles in changing the UPC to accept the introduction of these new technologies.

Cary Beane

Cary Beane

Treasurer & Secretary

Mr. Beane 77 has extensive experience in Resources, Arbitration, Employee Relations, Negotiations, Industrial Relations, Project Management and Labor relations. As a Career Management Consultant, Beane’s Subsidiary arbitration success rate was 90%. Beane has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and BS in Business Administration from Mississippi State University and an LLB from University of MS.

Adam Abraham

Adam Abraham


Adam brings an affinity for the opportunities that partnership with the forces of Nature affords, as what is likely the first Chief Consciousness Officer for any organization. Creation of the office and title, signifies our commitment to both the environment and the people that we serve. A native of Chicago, Adam now resides in Henderson, Nevada.