Environment Conscious Technology gives real meaning to the often misunderstood and over-used term, "paradigm" shift".  


Talbott G. Howard



Chief Executive Officer & Founder 

  • Mr. Howard Since exploring Alternative Energy as an investor, project leader, developer, and integrator. Howard is compelled to be part of its tradition through senior research engineers and scientists looking for a way to market. What Howard has researched and studied, most consider an asset for anyone looking into energy and carbon sequestration programs, particularly the market platforms that create the pathways. Howard’s time “in the field” has given him much insight with a commitment to learning more about what technology really exist and could exist if the barriers for entry into the market were opened.  
  • One of the concerns Howard has after researching certain areas of commerce is that US citizens, companies, institutions, and branches of the United States Government have much to offer but often sit dormant as vital outside contributors. Howard would like to work in the field and within communities interested in having these valuable resources come together and better support a global vision in serving the world, which he calls “LifeChoices.Info." 
  • Howard is convinced change can take place by creating a structure that rewards all who challenge risks without changing the systems.  Staving off barriers by extending the life of Carbon-based economy through Effective, Efficient, & Equitable Technologies, Services, & Integrations.  He is also an advisor to numerous market leaders and is one of four advisor member guiding America’s Renewable Energy and Advanced Engine Developments - REAED lead by NASA Award-Winning Engineers. 
  • Howard has won national awards in CleanTech Open and nominated into SolarImpulse Foundation for Sustainability and today is leading new S&P through the placement of innovation in the field that has allowed him to mitigate over 60 lawsuits for California O&G.

Michael J. DelGrosso, Jr.




  •  Mr. DelGrosso brings exceptional design and creativity management and leadership experience in product development, broadcast, print, interactive/social/digital marketing media. He has a proven successful business development career that has channeled IT & IP services for companies such as Baker Hughes and many others in the service utility industries. Now he resides as a Chief Marketing Officer of ECT where his proven track record enables ECT to become profitable in all market conditions.   
  • He has through the years founded Ozone Studios and Milenthal-DelGrosso in Columbus Ohio. This has given him the adept at pitching accounts, discerning project requirements and clients' needs within a creative team-based environment. Enabling ECT today with the skill sets to build executive-level relationships and manage daily workflows of concurrent projects to ensure deliverables are completed on time, on budget and on strategy. 
  • DelGrosso is technically savvy in all hardware, software, mobile, interactive and production methodologies. He has demonstrated successful skills in developing diverse new revenue opportunities, short/long term performance analytics while expanding existing market share. 
  • DelGrosso was a professor at the Department of Times Based Media, Columbus College of Art and Design. His education includes an MBA OB, Emphasis on technical and first position global marketing - University of Phoneix & Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Industrial and Product Design - The Ohio State University. 

Christopher Fornili




  • Mr. Fornili has 30 years of experience in various lubricant research, development and formulations ranging from automotive to industrial motorsports, aerospace, and specialty lubricant applications. Mr. Fornili has over 40 years of hands-on mechanical experience ranging from automotive diagnostics to major rebuilds of gas and diesel equipment. He was a member of the 1993 NASCAR GOODY’S DASH SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP team and is a NASA Hall of Fame Inductee for his award-winning lubricant – part of the ECT-PL Hybrid package of industrial solutions.  

Jan Albert Viljoen


Chief Renewable Officer   

  • To add value to Global Business and Enterprises through Management in general, i.e. Program Management, Engineering, System, Design, Project Management Projects in general.
  • Nano Carbon Technology Solution in the Alternative Energy Sectors. These patents are called Return2Zero (R2Z). The South Africa Patent number 2005/09762 and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) PCT/IB2006/053965 and the allowance for a patent application in the US, i.e. USA PATENT APPLICATION 12/084,046 is allowed for issuance as a patent. The patent makes provision for the self-management of tokens in linked accounts, i.e. credit, debit and mobile (e-Wallet) for a selected amount and time and then return Back to Zero. This method is time and/or transaction dependent and can be set by the end-user or 3rd Parties.
  • The RETURN2ZERO-R2Z patent alleviates the situation by introducing a time-limited pre-authorization (of single, capped or accumulative payments) using electronic account payment (EAP) on all tokens, i.e. mobile devices (e-Wallets) and linked cards (EMV).  ISO/IEC JTC1 SC31 WG2 - Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques – Data Structures – Digital Signature Meta Structure.
  • He is Self-managed and goal-driven objectives through 30 years plus of experience by creating value in the Electronic and Information Technology (IT) domain. Extraordinary experience in digital, analog, communication and through IT integration projects. 
  • South Africa Military Space Project (MIL-SPEC) – Design and System Engineer | Reengineering | Space Launch Vehicle | Telemetry Systems for RSA4 etc.  Coallink – Design Authority & System Engineer | Tender Preparation and Execution. (Train Communication and Signaling Project running from Ogies to Richard Bay for the transportation of Coal for the export market in 1998/9)

Michael Green



Chief Water Officer 

  • Green is an immensely talented Mechanical Engineer with vast experience in the Algae, Biofuels, Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals sectors. Additionally, Green has significant experience in other forms of alternative energy and water remediation process developments.  As an inventor or co-inventor of 30 U.S. and International patents, he has been at the forefront of pioneering process development. His focus on applied sciences in conjunction with his keen interest in seeing his devices commercialized has provided for a results-oriented R&D effort. 
  • He holds a BS in Design Engineering and an MS in Mechanical Engineering and recently earned his Doctoral Degree in Aquatic Microorganisms.  He served in the U.S. Army, MOS, 16 C / Nuclear and holds Security Clearance 
  • Green has successfully completed technical development work within the clean water landscape in California during 2013 – 2020. Green is a veteran of the US Army in the nuclear weapons field. His expertise was used in the Fukushima nuclear waste clean-up.  

Nicholas Eckelberry


Senior Consultant 

  • Mr. Eckelberry is Co-founder and Chief Inventor of OriginClear. He is responsible for inventing OriginClear’s proprietary Electro Water Separation (EWS) technology, the high-speed, chemical-free process to dissociate organic contaminants and valuable materials from large quantities of water. Winner of “Innovation of the Year” 2016 Aquatech China.” 
  • The  Electro Water Separation (EWS) technology, creates the high-speed, chemical-free process to extract organic contaminants and valuable materials from large quantities of water. Nicholas first laid the foundation for OriginOil in 1988 when he first worked with Japan’s Hideto Uematsu on the breakthrough OHR MX static mixer system; a system that received the mechanical patent US 6,279,611 (28 Aug 2000) for the mixing of fluids at a microscopic level. This technology has since been implemented at some 2,000 sites in the Japanese wastewater industry and led to the development of Quantum Fracturing, OriginOil’s first patent filing for making CO2 more bio-available to algae cultures. Nicholas is also responsible for the launch of Nano-Cal in 2003, a product line based around a uniquely formulated and highly bio-available form of calcium.
  • Nicholas Eckelberry has authored or co-authored thirteen patent applications in the field of algae production and commercialization. Recently, Biofuels Digest ranked him one of the Top 300 People in the Bioeconomy for 2013-2014.
  • Read More about Eckelberry research: 

Cary Beane



Secretary and Treasurer 

  • Mr. Beane 77 has extensive experience in Resources, Arbitration, Employee Relations, Negotiations, Industrial Relations, Project Management, and Labor relations. Beane’s Subsidiary arbitration success rate was 90%. Beane has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BS in Business Administration from Mississippi State University and an LLB from the University of MS.

Marie V. Pizano



Media and Public Relations     

  • Pizano is a Producer, award-winning author, actress, and model Is focused on “Finding Your Yes” through her film production company MVP3 Entertainment Group LLC. Pizano has partnered with Marvel Comic Book illustrator and has released several CDs for upcoming musicians. She has served as a board member of the International Children's Foundation and the Women's Foundation for Memphis, and The Commission on Missing & Exploited Children. 

Marlon C. Reid



Non-Profit Service Training 

  • Marlon C. Reid is the founder of Jes LeRe Hama Corp (JLRH), a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1997. Reid was born and raised in Marianna, Arkansas.  He realized early in life that there were many communities with unmet needs. The goal of JLRH with ECT is to help transform disenfranchised communities by investing in men, women, and children who reside in such communities. Therefore, our focus is on helping to change an individual’s outlook through specialized education and training. Furthermore, JLRH will also implement new economic growth through the co-development and engagement of new services within ECT Marketplaces. 



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