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Solid State Electro Magnetic Generators (STEMG)


Environment Conscious Technology company with the first contract for manufacturing (i.e., Hesa) Static Electro Magnetic Generators (STEMG) of 4-D printing of nanostructures allowing for mass production and customization of products within multiple industries starting with transport and remediation. This foundational manufacturing technology has led to the development of the solid-state nanoscale energy-producing systems for commercializing onto the internet with the use of HESA (Patented) Return2Zero banking applications combining with ECT’s (Interactive Content Distribution Platform) business model of ‘UoE” deployment of NCT solutions globally.  

Challenge. Electricity is used in every aspect of our lives unless we are one of the 1.2 billion people without it. We use electricity to communicate, refrigerate, compute, heat, and light. Electrical power can drive modern transportation. Most electricity is generated using dirty fuels such as fossil fuels. Small amounts of clean power generation are limited to geographical areas blessed with ample wind, solar, and water resources. To use electricity, it is either centrally generated and distributed by wire or generated on-site. If the power-need requires portability, the electricity must be stored usually in chemical batteries such as lithium-ion technology. The stored electrical energy in a battery is maintained using electrochemical processes that require frequent recharging and create a potential combustion and explosion hazard. Traditional on-site power generators require frequent maintenance and expensive fossil fuel, while current clean energy technologies require favorable, yet fleeting, wind or sun conditions.

Has your cell phone or laptop battery ever died with no place to plugin?  You are a dead battery away from being cut-off from your life.

Have you wanted an electric vehicle but steered away to traditional fossil fuel vehicles because of range anxiety (not to mention the high cost)?

Have you been to a developing country where electricity is intermittent because the on-site generation is unavailable due to frequent maintenance problems and expensive fuel deliveries?

Environment-conscious technology Solution. The STEMG. Made possible using HESA LTD’S foundational manufacturing process, the STEMG (proprietary technology) is the world’s first solid-state device that extracts energy out of ether / dark matter combined with quantum tunneling of electrons to produce electricity.

The solid-state nanoscale design enables the STEMG to use quantum tunneling of electrons to produce electricity. The STEMG does not consume fuels. It creates output energy only.
The STEMG is scalable and stackable to meet the small energy needs of any portable device, such as a cell phone or laptop, and more extensive power needs of greater than 100 kWh for rural or remote villages. STEMG powered-electric vehicles will have a limitless range.
Hazardous materials are not used in the STEMG production. Therefore, it is totally recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The calculated useable life span of the STEMG is 15 years.
The estimated the cost to mass produce to be approximate $0.03 per kWh
· Compare to lithium-ion batteries cost at around $275 per kWh

The STEMG has been privately tested at ESD for almost nine months and did not require fuel or a heat gradient to produce power. The test results show:
· 89% greater energy density than Li-ion batteries.
10% of the weight of Li-ion batteries.  



H2GN / Renewable Alternative Fuel Generator (RAFG)

Currently, three RAFG systems in the United States have completed the proof of concept stage and is in the refinement development process for testing with affiliated universities. The RAFG is being equipped on a 7500-Watt Gasoline Generator. This unit is solely fueled by an external electrolysis generator (EG) which converts water or any liquid containing a hydrogen element into its alternative fuel source.


Current power requirements for the RAFG show the engine can self power itself, but for how long will take testing. Once this technology has been refined, we anticipate over 220 vertical market applications into hybrid vehicles or Auxiliary Power Units, (APU).

Current refinement focus is towards the improvement of spark timing and the engine longevity of a internal combustion engine. While some components used in the construction of the RAFG are domain, there are several components when combined with the domains which will allow IP to be filed with the support of Engineering Schools in Memphis Tennessee. 

Evolution NanoSeal Highgrade 90


The proposal using an NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame (Formulator) future patent-pending formulation addresses a new and novel approach to significantly enhancing the lubrication value and protection capabilities of engine oils in regards to combating any adverse effects of hydrogen fuel in a gaseous state being injected into a ordinarily aspirated engine whether it be gasoline, diesel or other gaseous fuels which may cause unwanted effects on internal parts that the Hydrogen would come in contact. Several issues need in regards debuting these engines will be addressed that will help understand the need for alternative lubrication for Hydrogen fueled generators.

Hydrogen, when com-busted, has higher energy rates than gasoline, diesel or natural gas. It is very effective at removing carbon, varnish and other by-products of fuel combustion. It also eliminates the oil film from the cylinder walls, pistons, rings, and valves. Overextended period accelerated wear can be produced and cause premature failure of the engine or part replacement. The hydrogen can also lead to a “nitrating” effect on the metal parts causing the metals to become brittle and fatigued again causing premature failure or expensive part replacement.

We have based on a unique boron-based derivative coupled with a new carboxylate compound that is reacted with an intermediate, then finally blended with other compounds and a polymer that will form a complex interlocking film structure to the size of 1-micron in thickness or less on all metallic and non-metallic part surfaces. This material encapsulates the surfaces it comes in contact with forming a “ceramic-like coating” but has the ability to expand and contract through heat cycles normally associated in a internal combustion engine that will not become brittle and has greater flexibility than ceramic coatings and greater friction, wear and heat reduction capabilities than any lubricant or coating currently available for the lubrication arena.

GoHeroic has a preliminary formulated “additive package” that has shown to be very effective at eliminating potential negatives with the use of hydrogen and we are taking it to the next step to further improve performance. These new concept formulations have shown great levels of confidence in proving our theory and initial gains of improvements are in the range of 80-120% improvement in lubrication value over the top full synthetic oils currently on the market. Combining Hydrogen on Demand can extend “Constant Speed Generator” engine life expectancy by 300% when applied adequately with additive packages. 

These preliminary results also show that improvement over current additive enhancement packages are very impressive an average of 25-80% improvement can be seen with combining with existing oil additives. Additional testing needs to be performed along with formulation adjustments to perfect the final version; this will require extra time, resources and cost which can be reduced with our University and 501 (C)(3) Program Related Investment Partnerships. 


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