ECT team of professionals consists of the world's brightest minds collaborating together to bring forth a certified "GoHeroic" platform for branding a balanced financial vision to support global demand of LifeChoices.io fuel, food, health, film, music, community, construction, and banking RETURN2ZERO (R2Z) IP/IT & AI.  

Its innovation value, resources, and relationships will be dedicated to LifeChoices members, supporters or networks needing to face global challenges: Water, Energy & Waste. 

ECT is proposing to define a vision of becoming financially self-sufficient for both profit and not for profit LifeChoices.io members who share the same ideals and challenges.  It will create financial reward systems as foundation tools to generate renewable income to support and sustain organizational operations, for its members, their communities and nation-states.  

ECT will help contribute from its sustainable projects, networks, and alliances the necessary financing to benefit its end-users of LifeChoices.io.  As a balanced financial vision comes to fruition, ECT will channel sales of water and energy-related products, services and solutions to affect positive change for registered causes and projects that LifeChoices.io members will get to vote upon, invest in, donate towards, champion and promote. 


As the world desires to momentarily give, LifeChoices.io aims to provide HEROIC humanitarian and entrepreneurial portals of opportunity within existing goods and services to utilize ECT's income for strategic projects, causes, and entrepreneurial development of its in-house Fuel and Health innovations.  

JLRH CORP. 501(c)(3)


To mature the job creation and services ECT has partnered with a 501 (C)3 Nonprofit to reach the community through fuel, food, health, film, music, community and construction developments. This partnership will give back awareness and to inspire solutions for pollution globally by aligning LifeChoices.io members, communities and nation-states to reapply 10% to 30% of the profits created back into local and global Heroic causes. Through this development, ECT is to usher and improve the collaboration of members to support local advancements of ECT's clean water and energy inventions to self-fund scholarships, and job placements internally through the LifeChoices.io (GoHeroic.org) supported causes. 

JLRH Corp serves a bigger purpose together with membership communities. Jes LeRe Hama Corp is a 501(c)(3) was founded in 1997, by Marlon C. Reid. Born and raised in Marianna, Arkansas, Reid realized early in life that there were communities with unmet needs. The goal of JLRH is to ultimately help transform the minds of men, women, and youth who are without purpose, by building character and self-esteem. 

JLRH is a catalyst, which ignites the spirit of purpose in the lives of individuals. Their purpose is to create programs and provide a facility that will build individuals and surrounding communities in the areas of education, health, economics, leadership, civic and recreational activities. Jes LeReHama’s goals are to rebuild and accommodate poor and distressed communities to once again thrive and flourish to new levels.