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Water & Energy ECT Business Model



  • ECT, as a very successful and experienced team, has embarked on the development of a Desalination project Africa following the standards ECT created in California from 2008 to 2017. The company’s 2020 vision is founded on merging intellectual property, skills, and shared pioneering determination to succeed in the creation of launch of Return2Zero (R2Z).
  • R2Z in the USA patented self-management of units of energy ‘UoE’ for (ECT) certified water reclamation, electricity, biofuels, crypto-currency, carbon-credits and manufacturing of Nano Carbon Technology (NCT) Solutions.  R2Z's private label, licensing, adoption, and optimization of clean-tech onto a world-wide-web of ( portals seeking Nation-State Water, Energy, Food, and Job Security.  
  • The ECT R2Z platform is based around self-funding the development of the Hybrid Solid-State Electro-Magnetic Generation Stimuli Apparatuses (STEMG).  
  • ECT's STEMG built for solving the problem of extracting energy out of ether/dark matter combined with quantum tunneling of electrons to produce the first-ever "output only" water & energy management operating system. The OS shall align onto a secure intranet with DOD telecom vendors and FEMA Homeland Emergency operation component service providers. 
  • ECT's mission proven in California now refines a geared mission towards combating environmental, social, and governance constraints locally and globally establish, vets, and provides a real “Circular Economy” solution.

ECT Market Analysis

Water Reclamation Analysis:

  • Market Size: 1.) Mining: Global: $50 Trillion  - U.S. Market: $962 Billion 2.) Petroleum: Global: 30 Billion Barrel - U.S. 7.5 Billion, and 3.) Refineries: Global: 700 - U.S. Markets: 301 
  • Market Entry: ECT benefits the people and the planet profiting together, by targeting the places in need of water and energy security most. By enabling technology to reduce the cost of water reclamation, there also comes a responsibility for the management of the waste by-products, which include rare earth minerals. 
  • Potential Market Analysis: (Click Here)

Africa We Have A Solutions

African Desalination Niche Market Entry:

  • Niche Market Entry: ECT was awarded the opportunity to build out a new frontier of incorporating (output) only energy devices for the first time in history within the desalination landscape of Africa.  
  • Output Total: The desalination plant will be capable of processing 105,668,838,942 gallons per day (GPD), which could result in a production of 38,569,126,213,830 gallons per annum (GPA) of potable water a South African government from a production facility in South Africa.
  • Core Technology: ECT core technology supporting the project validated by  Armscor which is an acquisition agency for the Department of Defence (DOD)  of South Africa and the South African National Space Agency in 2004 but was required to remain unseen for the market entry until the African Deslinaiton with the ministry Job Opportunity arrived December 2019. 
  • African Project Development Summary: (Click Here)

Environment Conscious Technology Mission

Water Management Decisions Builds Consciousness 


Mindful of the bigger picture.


Water management decisions within shale oil and gas production fall into three primary categories: water acquisition, water utilization within hydraulic fracturing operations, and the disposal of wastewater from drilling and production. ECT has acquired new flow-through technologies designed to treat for and recycle, contaminated oil flow back water generated by the petroleum industry.  Flowback water is mainly utilized in well drilling to improve harvest extraction efficiencies, it consists mainly of freshwater containing a chemical brine mixture of polymers used as viscosity agents.  Approximately 10% of a given site’s daily production rate can be lost due to oil emulsification within the flow back water.  ECT technology further allows this lost oil to be recovered while simultaneously treating for recycling other contaminants without the addition of chemicals flocculates.


 •Environment Conscious Technology (ECT) LIFECHOICES.INFO (IoS) system brings stabilization within industrialized economies that have based our ability to harness power from the grid. The innovations provide reduced cost of energy to the large end-users of fuel that pass on their loss to the end-consumers purchasing fuel, food, and health products and services.     

•ECT's Spaced Based eBusiness models extend existing power reserves as a one-stop standardization architectural, environmental design, and engineering management company with Smart Grid expertise & IT software in the Environment-Conscious Technology focused upon (input/output) launch RETURN2ZERO (R2Z) vehicles.     

•R2Z launch vehicles provide exit organizations to enable effluent resources to platform new IP/IT & AI Spaced Based Utility eBusiness models to build new wealth from cost-containment and environmental reclamation.  

•ECT's interactive content distribution platform engages innovation within ecosystems to champion the technologies into creating academia, jobs, and resource-driven markets to re-apply wealth towards funding existing and new R2Z launch vehicles adoption, licensing, and optimization.      

•ECT's R2Z (Utility Block Performance Measurement Framework "UB-PMF") of new metric and derived KPIs generated in the US Patented R2Z (IoS) aligns banking and insurance sectors seeking risk-mitigation services and solutions that provide to their bottom line.     

ECT Operating Systems


The best way to predict the future of events is to create Environment-Conscious Technology, to benefit the People Planet & Profits for both non-renewable and renewable sectors that all need to protect Drinking Water resources.  

Drinking water is a national disaster; Nation-States must find a way to regain ownership of the sold drinking water sources. Drinking water is the most critical resource on the planet, and anyone who owns it and saves it risk mitigates the population from exhaustion and even the threat of extinction. Another advantage is that Nation-States with Environment-Conscious Technology become able to help others through cost containment and increased efficiencies without further harm to the People, Planet, and Profits.

ECT defines drinking water is a national disaster, and how the world's Environment-Conscious Technologies should find a way to get it back as much as possible. The world does not have unlimed quantities of drinking water and does not rest on too many springs & reserves.
The pollution of drinking water and the sale of springs to Nation-State foreigners over the past ten years or more have the People Planet and Profits from sold potable water sources at risk with real consequences when the water shortage comes.

If Nation-States do not have enough clean air or drinking water, then there is no survival. So this the most important and complicated issue in the formal legal sense is where Environmental Conscious Technology (Certified) opportunities exist for Members, Sponsors, End-users, and Nation-States to supply utilities and support systems, services & solutions.   


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