ECT brings awareness to a world looking for musicians to champion ECT  solutions that provide jobs and benefit the environment at the same time. ECT fuel and health IP/IT benefit musicians to tour advocating awareness while driving sales, distribution, licences, adoption and optimization to their bottom line.   


MVP3 Music

GoHeroic purpose-driven platforms branding with MVP3 Entertainment Group LLC. (MVP3) music productions enable environment-conscious technologies, Artist Water products, and certified solutions that clean water, clean air, and produce renewable fuel during and after music events. 

Driving brand awareness locally and globally promoting MVP3 conscious driven music productions while leaving a legacy product, service and solution platform for wider music audiences to decide and help connect solutions that begin to self-fund:

  1. humanitarian progress 
  2. future businesses 
  3. protecting our environment. 

GoHeroic music productions strategically bring communities to champion jobs and new educational acumen while providing local and global growth opportunities for merchants and consumers to:

  1. engage co-marketing
  2. to innovate 
  3. optimize pooled funding resources for local and global constraints needing environment-conscious technologies, products and solutions that clean water, clean air, and produce renewable fuel


Championing GoHeroic music projects with MVP3 builds communities into working together while supporting each other with opportunities that leaves a legacy for a Musician's causes being address in MVP3 music and media productions.  

Fiscal Sponsorship & Development Partnerships

Finance, Design, Build & Manage

The unique opportunities of being a developmental partner with ECT "Music" projects, products and launch vehicles of ECT IT/IP are dynamic on many levels that not only encourage and promote co-branding of corporate name products and services but cross development of new beneficial programs, policies and business generation that is synergistic not only between our development partners but also new business entrepreneurs and the communities, states and nations that development partnerships exist in.

ECT product sales give back towards taking community sales to support causes and resources such as water and turning it into source water for producing "renewable energy", irrigation and potable utilities "free of chemicals" develops best practices and "portals" for community causes sponsoring service providers of equipment and vendor partnerships to support LifeChoices GoHeroic Members, Communities and Nation-States locally and globally.  

MVP3 Music Video with Water Product, Innovation & Change:

Check out this great video