Artist Water, an Environment-Conscious Water Brand Complete Network and Awareness Management Firm that pays members to GoHeroic and to promote Artist Water products, services & solutions through the Program Related Membership referral opportunities. Artist Water GoHeroic Members are to build out Humanitarianism first and Entrepreneurial-ism second.  

Artist Water Memberships Includes:


Investing in our Children's future

Go Heroic, Artist Water considers the best ideas to be those that which positively impact our community and our world, those which aim to make a difference within's fuel, food, health, film, music community and construction program related 501(c)3 opportunities. 


A Tax Deductible Contribution

Each membership comes with tax deductible contribution. believes that integrity is the baseline principal when deciding a course of action for developing Artist Water into a brand that sheds light on the ensuring a better + better future. Learn how and why contributes - click here.   


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Additional Information

The primary mission of Environmentally Conscious Technologies (.ECT) is to debut a first-ever Peer-to-Peer Interactive World-Wide-Web distribution platform system to be named  – Artist Water TM. It shall begin certifying, deploying & self-financing of the world’s first plug-in-ready chemical free interactive distribution input/output (io) platform for the consumer communities to compete cleaning water and restoring water for beneficial and better reuse in the Fuel, Food & Health sectors of locally and globally for its Members. 

Imagine a product scrambling to meet the challenge, that builds services and packaged technologies for enabling consumer involvement, to outsource their local water needs and to meet standards for industrial processes, irrigation and drinking. 

“I have been struck by how important measurement is to improve the human condition” 

 ...Bill Gates

Go-Heroic will leverage industry knowledge to develop Artist Water ( TM to debut in 45 days or less upon funding to bring simple, connected, self-contained devices, that can track and report a range of contaminants in real time, saving time, cutting cost and reducing liabilities. 

Target Market Example

The population of Michigan is 9.962 million and there 8.16 million people who have a smartphone or computer with access to the internet. The average person uses 92 gallons of water per day from 212 existing public treatment plants. The average cell phone user has three applications on their phone. Years after the “Flint Event” – Flint Michigan still lacks enough clean water, and there is not enough money to rebuild all treatment plants. What do they do? proof cases will speed smart compliant contracting to trigger programmed re-occurring payments from end-users to an interface with ( GoHeroic Certified technology while self-funding service companies, vendors, financiers and licensors expeditiously.  


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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